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Mission Statement:

‘EL–Shadai Charitable Trust’ is called to work for the upliftment and rehabilitation of millions of down trodden, destitute children by providing them good shelter, education, food and clothes and to rear them up as useful citizens of the nation by showering an abundance of love and care on a personal level by witnessing and to serve the orphaned with a great love of God to be a beacon of hope to the hopeless, love to the unloved and joy to the joyless irrespective of colour, caste, religion, sex or creed.    

EL–Shadai - love to the unloved, hope to the hopeless & joy to the joyless.

  1. To establish an orphanage for the benefit of orphans. 

  2. To establish an educational institutions. 

  3. To impart training and education, rendering of medical relief of all kinds and rendering all kinds of social service to public irrespective of caste, creed and religion. 

  4. To conduct workhouses or industrial workshops or centers, orphanages, old age homes, asylums, rural health care centers, welfare centers, youth centres, and training centres and similar charitable works and service for the benefit of public. 

  5. To provide shelter to the destitute and orphans in boarding houses. 

  6. To establish, conduct, manage administer, develop such institutions as are found to be expedient or necessary from time to time for implementing, realizing, carrying out the aims and objects by establishment of schools and colleges, Home for the aged, orphanage, Medical centers and such similar institutions.

  7. To teach charity and truths for the benefit and up liftment of all persons irrespective of caste,     religion, language or social status and to provide suitable formation and Training to the people for the promotion of the above aims and objects.

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